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State Surveillance: Greenwald/Ohanian vs Hayden/Dershowitz (Video)
Source: Submitted: 02/26/2015
It is the debate of the moment. In a risk-filled world, are democracies justified in turning to large-scale state surveillance, at home and abroad, to fight complex and unconventional threats? Or is the emergence of the surveillance state and the awesome powers it derives from information technology a new and pervasive threat to our basic freedoms?  Watch here »
Greenwald is really an extraordinary speaker. The video above should begin with his opening statement at around 25 minutes into the debate.

My guess is that most of you will be happy to know that "our side" won, despite the fact that the "motion" the audience was asked to vote on was very deceptively framed: "Be it resolved state surveillance is a legitimate defense of our freedoms..."

Here are the pre- and post-debate vote results:
Truth in Media: The Origin of ISIS (Video)
Source: Submitted: 02/25/2015
--In September 2013, American media outlets began reporting that weapons were being given to Syrian rebels. CNN reported that while the weapons are not “American-made,” they were “funded and organized by the CIA.”

However, Swann said that things began to fall apart when less than one year after the U.S. supplied Syrian “freedom fighters” with weapons, those weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS fighters.

Those ISIS fighters came from the group McCain insisted would help the U.S. overthrow Assad: the Free Syrian Army. Swann explained that the army was not only sending the Islamic State weapons, it was also sending them fighters.

--Americans should also be asking, “Why is the U.S. sending $500 million to the Free Syrian Army to fight ISIS when the FSA is one of the biggest suppliers of fighters and weapons to ISIS?” and “Why are we sending new and more powerful weapons to the FSA like anti-aircraft missiles – weapons that we know will be in the hands of ISIS?”

Swann maintained that while the mainstream media will say that ISIS is the “creation of American inaction,” the reality is that they are the “product of direct action.”
 Watch here »
Research Operation Gladio and then do the math...Here are some excerpts from Ganser's excellent book "NATO's Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe." It's a good place to start.
Flashback: Obama's Science Czar Advocated Forced Abortions and Mass Sterilization
Source: Submitted: 02/22/2015
*Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not;

* The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation's drinking water or in food;

* Single mothers and teen mothers should have their babies seized from them against their will and given away to other couples to raise;
 Read full article »
The article above has screenshots from a book that John Holdren coauthored in the 1970's. It discusses everything from compulsory abortions and adding sterilants to our food supply, to the need for a "planetary regime" that can enforce the eugenicists' policies. Note, I have a copy of Ecoscience and can confirm that the quotes listed in the article above are accurate.

If you'd like more information on eugenics in general (from the perspective of an advocate) check out the "bonus-material" link from Tragedy and Hope 101 below.
Please stop fighting for my freedom
Source: Submitted: 02/22/2015
...soldiers, please stop fighting for my freedom. It’s not working, and you’re endangering your lives and the lives of others in vain. If you truly want to fight for freedom, then please come home. We need you here, resisting the only gang of terrorists that poses by far the biggest threat to the security and liberty of the American people: the United States government.  Read full article »
It's very difficult to "defend freedom" while doing the bidding of those who despise it.
Source: The Intercept Submitted: 02/19/2015
--With these stolen encryption keys, intelligence agencies can monitor mobile communications without seeking or receiving approval from telecom companies and foreign governments. Possessing the keys also sidesteps the need to get a warrant or a wiretap, while leaving no trace on the wireless provider’s network that the communications were intercepted. Bulk key theft additionally enables the intelligence agencies to unlock any previously encrypted communications they had already intercepted, but did not yet have the ability to decrypt.

--The Mobile Handset Exploitation Team (MHET), whose existence has never before been disclosed, was formed in April 2010 to target vulnerabilities in cellphones. One of its main missions was to covertly penetrate computer networks of corporations that manufacture SIM cards, as well as those of wireless network providers. The team included operatives from both GCHQ and the NSA.

--TOP-SECRET GCHQ documents reveal that the intelligence agencies accessed the email and Facebook accounts of engineers and other employees of major telecom corporations and SIM card manufacturers in an effort to secretly obtain information that could give them access to millions of encryption keys. They did this by utilizing the NSA’s X-KEYSCORE program, which allowed them access to private emails hosted by the SIM card and mobile companies’ servers, as well as those of major tech corporations, including Yahoo and Google.

--On January 17, 2014, President Barack Obama gave a major address on the NSA spying scandal. “The bottom line is that people around the world, regardless of their nationality, should know that the United States is not spying on ordinary people who don’t threaten our national security and that we take their privacy concerns into account in our policies and procedures,” he said.

The monitoring of the lawful communications of employees of major international corporations shows that such statements by Obama, other U.S. officials and British leaders — that they only intercept and monitor the communications of known or suspected criminals or terrorists — were untrue.
 Read full article »
Russian researchers expose breakthrough U.S. spying program
Source: Submitted: 02/16/2015
Feb 16 (Reuters) - The U.S. National Security Agency has figured out how to hide spying software deep within hard drives made by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other top manufacturers, giving the agency the means to eavesdrop on the majority of the world's computers, according to cyber researchers and former operatives.

That long-sought and closely guarded ability was part of a cluster of spying programs discovered by Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based security software maker that has exposed a series of Western cyberespionage operations.
 Read full article »
Wall Street Pays Bankers to Work in Government
Source: Submitted: 02/13/2015
--These payments are routine at major banks, several of which have explicit policies, found in filings with the SEC, outlining automatic awards for executives who rotate into government. Goldman Sachs offers “a lump sum cash payment” for government service, for example.

--“It fuels the revolving door between banks and the government,” said Michael Smallberg, an investigator for the Project On Government Oversight (POGO), whose 2013 report detailed these types of compensation agreements. The average executive branch salary is substantially less than these millions in awards, so the bonuses effectively supplement the lower pay, raising questions about who the government officials actually work for.
 Read full article »
New dietary guidelines may downplay cholesterol risks
Source: Submitted: 02/11/2015
--For decades, the government has warned against diets high in cholesterol. But now many nutritionists believe that cholesterol intake may not significantly impact cholesterol blood levels or increase the risk of heart disease in healthy adults, according to the Washington Post.

In December, the advisory panel said in its preliminary recommendations that cholesterol is no longer "considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption." That would be a change from previous guidelines, which said Americans eat too much cholesterol. This follows increasing medical research showing how much cholesterol is in your bloodstream is more complicated than once thought, and depends more on the kinds of fats that you eat. Medical groups have moved away from specific targets for cholesterol in the diet in recent years.
 Read full article »
It's about time. Now if they'd just top demonizing "saturated fat," we'd really be getting somewhere. (Who knows how long that might take.)

On the topic of "taking a while," here is a study from 1991, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, of an 88-year-old man who ate 25 boiled eggs per day for at least 15 years, yet his body adapted to maintain "normal plasma cholesterol."
Dr. Rowen: Measles Spread by those Vaccinated
Source: Submitted: 02/10/2015
Worried about measles? If you are vaccinated, you should be. If you are my age, and were lucky enough to get wild measles, you needn’t worry at all.

Measles has been quite stubborn to be wiped out. In China, in one province, 99% of children are vaccinated but measles runs strong.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Clearly measles vaccine doesn’t work as advertised. In fact, in our own country, outbreak after outbreak has occurred in what has been called a fully vaccinated population. (See: A measles outbreak at a college with a prematriculation immunization requirement. Am J Public Health. 1991 Mar ;81(3):360-4. PMID:1994745.)

I wrote long ago that we are setting up the younger generation for a potential calamity. See, vaccines give you plastic immunity. They build up only one line of your immune system, the antibody system, and put the main immune system (cellular immunity) to sleep. You need both for fully developed immunity.

Vaccine immunity has been shown to wane with time. And sadly, current measles outbreaks are being blamed on parents who refuse to give immune damaging vaccines to their children, when Chinese and American data shows otherwise.
 Read full article »
Good article, I only wish there were references for each of the "controversial" claims. For instance, when I first read that about 70% of the people who contracted Polio never even knew they had it, only 25 percent experienced flu-like symptoms that went away within less than a week, and only about one half of 1 percent (1 out of 200) experienced more severe symptoms like paralysis (and within that tiny group 90 - 98 percent recovered), I was shocked. Based on the horror stories about Polio that I'd heard, I would have expected statistics that were far worse than this. But, in this case, even the CDC admits the aforementioned.
Police Supporter Changes His Tune After Bogus Arrest
Source: Submitted: 02/05/2015
--As a point of clarification, it is important to state the difference between hating cops and holding police accountable.

Those of us who hold police accountable are often referred to as “cop haters” and “anti-cop.” Police officers are human beings, they are our brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers, and sons and daughters. To blindly hate a person because of a badge is irresponsible as well as dangerous. However, equally irresponsible and dangerous is to blindly apologize for criminals and psychopaths because of that same badge.
 Read full article »
Should the Recently Vaccinated be Quarantined to Prevent Outbreaks?
Source: Weston A. Price Foundation Submitted: 02/04/2015
--"Numerous scientific studies indicate that children who receive a live virus vaccination can shed the disease and infect others for weeks or even months afterwards. Thus, parents who vaccinate their children can indeed put others at risk," explains Leslie Manookian, documentary filmmaker and activist. Manookian's award winning documentary, The Greater Good, aims to open a dialog about vaccine safety.

Both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals are at risk from exposure to those recently vaccinated. Vaccine failure is widespread; vaccine-induced immunity is not permanent and recent outbreaks of diseases such as whooping cough, mumps and measles have occurred in fully vaccinated populations.14,15 Flu vaccine recipients become more susceptible to future infection after repeated vaccination.16
 Read full article »
CIA Whistleblower Found Guilty - “Proper Channels” Doesn’t Work (Video)
Source: Submitted: 02/04/2015
--Ben Swann talks with Normon Solomon about the chilling effect this has on other whistle-blowers who are being told the correct and safe way to bring transparency to government is to use proper channels.  Watch here »
Meet Joe Plummer (Video)
Source: Submitted: 02/01/2015
From the attacks of 9/11 to a "1-step approach" for sobriety; from eugenics to positive thinking, this interview covers it all.  Watch here »
David Brown ( put a lot of time and energy into this interview. The Skype video was pretty uncooperative, but (with major editing and backup audio), it all worked out. Hope you like it.
Tom Woods on Secession (Audio)
Source: Submitted: 01/29/2015
.  Listen here »
Excellent points made; well worth listening to.
Jesse Ventura on “American Sniper” and SEAL Chris Kyle (Video)
Source: Submitted: 01/29/2015
.  Watch here »
Ventura points out that Chris Kyle is no more of a hero than any other soldier who does the job they're given to do, but Kyle “falls short" in the honor department because he lied about Ventura. Additionally, he calls the film American Sniper "propaganda" that serves to justify the invasion of Iraq by falsely linking Iraq to the attacks of 9/11.
200 Nullification Bills in 2015: Tenth Amendment Center Update (Audio)
Source: Submitted: 01/28/2015
State bills resisting or refusing cooperation with the NSA, FDA, Obamacare, and in support of marijuana, guns, hemp, and more are working their way through legislatures around the country.  Listen here »
CNN Editorial Calls for a North American Union
Source: Submitted: 01/27/2015
Is the campaign for a North American Union officially underway with this editorial appearing in CNN?

Certainly conspiracy theorists might be justified in thinking so.

For years, more than a decade, some have suspected that powerful bureaucracies in North America – especially in Washington – might seek to combine Mexico, the US and Canada into a single super-state.

This was always greeted with howls of contempt by those in the mainstream media, especially in the liberal congregation, who knew better. There was no need, no possibility, that Canada, Mexico and the US would ever form a single trading – and perhaps political – union in the manner of the EU.

But here we go. Those derisive hoots are now drowned out by the reality of what this editorial proposes.
 Read full article »
G. Edward Griffin: “The objective is to draw the United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, and Western Europe into political and economic union. Under slogans such as free trade and environmental protection, each nation is to surrender its sovereignty “piece by piece” until a full-blown regional government emerges from the process. …Once that has happened, it will be a relatively simple step to merge the regional governments into global government. That is the reality behind the so-called trade treaties within the European Union (EU) the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation agreement (APEC), and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). "

Expanding on Griffin’s assertion, the EU (European Union) provides a perfect example. What we now call the EU began as a simple trade agreement in 1951 between six European countries. That agreement was called The European Coal and Steel Community and it established a “free trade area” where coal and steel could be bought and sold without import/export duties. -In that very limited sense, the agreement “erased the borders” between those member nations.

But in 1957, a new agreement was signed and the concept of cooperation among member nations was greatly expanded. The new agreement was called the European Economic Community and its ultimate aim was the economic and eventual political merger of its member nations. (Policies on labor, social welfare, agriculture, transportation, foreign trade, etc. were to be “harmonized.”)

In 1992, the word “economic” was dropped and the organization became known as simply the European Community. And finally, in 1993, the European Community became the European Union.
Bitcoin and the Digital-Currency Revolution
Source: Submitted: 01/26/2015
--To understand how it works and why it is more efficient and less expensive than the existing system, let’s take a single example: buying a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop. If you pay with a credit card, the transaction seems simple enough: You swipe your card, you grab your cup, you leave.

In fact, the financial system is just getting started with you and the coffee shop. Before the store actually gets paid and your bank balance falls, more than a half-dozen institutions—such as a billing processor, the card association ( Visa , MasterCard , etc.), your bank, the coffee shop’s bank, a payment processor, the clearinghouse network managed by the regional Federal Reserve Banks—will have shared part of your account information or otherwise intervened in the flow of money.

If all goes well, your bank will confirm your identity and good credit and send payment to the coffee shop’s bank two or three days later. For this privilege, the coffee shop pays a fee of between 2% and 3%.

Now let’s pay in bitcoin, assuming that your favorite coffee shop accepts it (more than 82,000 merchants world-wide already do)...It takes from 10 minutes to an hour for this software-driven network of computers to formally confirm a transfer from your blockchain address to that of the coffee shop—compared with a two- to three-day wait for the settlement of a credit-card transaction. Some new digital currencies are able to finalize transactions within seconds...There are almost zero fees, and the personal information of users isn’t divulged.
 Read full article »
Ventura likely to collect millions from Chris Kyle’s American Sniper.
Source: Submitted: 01/25/2015
--Kyle’s legal difficulties emerged from a subchapter of American Sniper titled “Punching Out Scruff Face.” In it, Kyle describes beating up a former Navy SEAL (“Scruff Face”) after the SEAL claims American soldiers deserved to die in Iraq. Early drafts of the book identified the SEAL as Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota and famed professional wrestler, but Kyle’s publishers removed the name for fear of a lawsuit. Nonetheless, in a radio interview following the book’s release, Kyle admitted that “Scruff Face” was Ventura, and he repeated the claim soon after on The O’Reilly Factor. American Sniper shot to the top of Amazon’s best-seller list, becoming a smash hit for its publisher, HarperCollins, selling more than 1.5 million copies by July of 2014.

There was, however, a problem: The Ventura story wasn’t true, and Ventura meant to prove it. So he took Kyle to trial, suing him—and, after he died, his estate—for defamation and unjust enrichment. In the United States, defamation cases are extremely difficult to win, thanks to the First Amendment. When allegedly defamatory statements pertain to a public figure, the plaintiff mustn’t just prove those statements were false. He has to prove the defendant made those statements with “actual malice”—that is, knowledge that they were false or with “reckless disregard” for their falsity. Very few defamation plaintiffs can make it over the high bar of actual malice.

Ventura made it. On July 29, 2014, a federal jury returned from six days of deliberations to award Ventura $1.845 million in damages—specifically, $500,000 for defamation and about $1.345 million for unjust enrichment. (In other words, Kyle unjustly profited from defaming Ventura, and so his estate must give Ventura some of that money.) Kyle’s widow, Taya Kyle, promptly filed for “judgment as a matter of law,” asking the trial judge to reverse’s the jury’s verdict because the jury clearly got it wrong. Failing that, she asked for an entirely new trial. The judge denied both requests, defending the jury’s verdict as legally and factually justifiable. Kyle’s widow is currently appealing the decision; her odds of winning appear quite low.

For the Kyle family, then, the legal tribulations surrounding American Sniper are probably wrapping up, and Taya Kyle will likely pay some damages but walk away from the affair with many millions of dollars left to her name. ​(HarperCollins’ libel insurance, in fact, will cover her defamation damages.) But for Kyle’s publisher, HarperCollins, the nightmare is just beginning. Several months after the verdict against the Kyle estate, Ventura brought another lawsuit for unjust enrichment, this time against HarperCollins. The lawsuit explains that while Kyle is the one who defamed Ventura, HarperCollins played up those defamatory statements in order to boost its sales—and with reckless disregard to the truth of Kyle’s claims.
 Read full article »
NATO ally shipping arms to al-Qaeda and ISIS
Source: Submitted: 01/23/2015
.  Read full article »
Ed Griffin's comment: "Davutoglu has banned the media from reporting that, when the military searched those truck convoys, they found missiles, rockets, and anti-aircraft ammunition. The public prosecutor who ordered the search was removed from office. The soldiers who conducted the search were charged with espionage and are facing 20-year prison terms. Turkey is a NATO ally of the US."
John Stossel - Obscene Obedience (Video)
Source: Submitted: 01/15/2015
David Eagleman (Baylor College of Med. Neuroscientist) joins Stossel to look at how rules, titles and a lack of direct responsibility can entice good people to do bad things. Insights into the dark side of authority.  Watch here »
During the Milgram experiment, 65 percent of people were so afraid of disobeying orders from an "authority" that they (despite no threat of punishment for refusing to obey), were willing to inflict severe pain or even death on a stranger.

In a hierarchical-government system (where individuals are even more prone to obedience, and where real consequences for disobedience exist), the numbers would likely be much higher.

It ought to be obvious by now that the dangers of teaching "obedience to authority" far exceed the dangers of teaching obedience to one's own conscience. ...But the former isn't taught because it's best for humanity; it's taught because it's best for those who wield power.
Why Support the Conspiracy Project? (Video)
Source: Submitted: 01/14/2015
This video explains why you need to know what the CONSPIRACY Project is. Please watch and then check out the crowd funding campaign going on right now. Thanks.  Watch here »
Neal invested a LOT of time, money and energy into this project. You might have seen his video "Fuck the FED" from about 6 years back...well, this is another (much larger) attempt to reach new people with a musical / video format. I sent a few bucks his way for his effort; hope you'll consider doing the same.
Source: Submitted: 01/14/2015
STOCKTON — Citizens in Stockton, California have taken a new approach to activism.

Rather than sticking to the traditional form of protest in which signs are held and slogans are chanted, these citizens have taken direct action and offered a grassroots, crowd-funded incentive structure to end police brutality in their community.

They have offered a $2,500 reward to anybody who submits information leading to the arrest or termination of cops who brutalize or kill people.

They were able to let people know about the offer by printing all the details on flyers and spreading them throughout their community.

The flyer specifically names 15 cops as a start, and includes pictures of at least 10 cops who have been involved in either the brutalization or killing of Americans.

--Now that the idea is spreading, other communities are sure to implement similar incentive structures to curb police brutality — indeed, it wouldn’t be surprising if a grassroots program like this is started nationwide.
 Read full article »
Priest says hell doesn't exist (Video)
Source: Submitted: 01/12/2015
How do we define God? Which religion holds the Truth? Here is an insightful perspective.  Watch here »
I enjoyed listening to this pastor's view on religion, hell, and the purpose of man-made systems that prevent people from "growing up."
The NYPD's 'Work Stoppage' Is Surreal
Source: Submitted: 01/11/2015
--So this police protest, unwittingly, is leading to the exposure of the very policies that anger so many different constituencies about modern law-enforcement tactics.

First, it shines a light on the use of police officers to make up for tax shortfalls using ticket and citation revenue. Then there's the related (and significantly more important) issue of forcing police to make thousands of arrests and issue hundreds of thousands of summonses when they don't "have to."

--In an alternate universe where this pseudo-strike wasn't the latest sortie in a standard-issue right-versus left political showdown, one could imagine this protest as a progressive or even a libertarian strike, in which police refused to work as backdoor tax-collectors and/or implement Minority Report-style pre-emptive policing policies, which is what a lot of these Broken Windows-type arrests amount to.

But that's not what's going on here. As far as I can tell, there's nothing enlightened about this slowdown, although I'm sure there are thousands of cops who are more than happy to get a break from Broken Windows policing.

I've met more than a few police in the last few years who've complained vigorously about things like the "empty the pad" policies in some precincts, where officers were/are told by superiors to fill predetermined summons quotas every month.
 Read full article » offers employees all-bitcoin paychecks
Source: Submitted: 01/11/2015
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Inc. demonstrated a surprisingly high level of commitment to digital currencies Friday with the news that it is planning to offer its employees the option of being paid in bitcoin.

The discount online retailer made the announcement in a release about a new bitcoin ATM that it has installed at its corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Moving cryptocurrencies out of the realm of geeks and into the realm of the rest of us requires making changes at all levels of the financial ecosystem,” Chief Executive Patrick Byrne said in the release. “An important part of this effort is making digital money ATMs accessible.”
 Read full article »
The four pillars of a decentralized society (Video)
Source: TED Submitted: 01/08/2015
--Johann Gevers is Co-Founder and CEO of Monetas in Zug. Monetas is building the world's first universal transaction platform—an essential infrastructure for the society of the future. Johann's lifelong driving passion is to help create a better life and world for everyone, through personal, organizational, and social transformation. It has inspired him to develop a pioneering new legal system for a free society, based on a new Golden Rule. His thirty-year journey searching for better methods and tools—and for freedom and joy for humanity—has profoundly enriched his and others' lives.  Watch here »
The Killing Room (Movie)
Source: Submitted: 01/02/2015
"Four individuals sign up for a psychological research study only to discover that they are now subjects of a brutal, modern version of the Project MKULTRAindoctrination program.[2] One by one, the subjects are brought into a large, white room, in which the tables and chairs have been bolted to the floor.

They are each given a questionnaire to fill out. In the meantime, a researcher enters the room, ostensibly to give an overview of the study. He indicates to the subjects—three men and a woman—that the study will take approximately eight hours to complete, at which time they will each be paid $250."
 Watch here »
I watched this movie a few years back and I just noticed it's posted on YouTube. If you've read about MK Ultra and similar "human-programming" techniques, this film adds a little more depth to the horror of it, snuggle up with someone you love and enjoy considering the "national security benefits" of torturing and terrorizing innocent human beings.
Is Coinbase Tracking How Users Spend Their Bitcoins?
Source: Submitted: 01/02/2015
Coinbase has recently been demonstrating why consumer regulation is such a problem. The company seems to be tracking what their customers are buying with Bitcoin and closing any accounts involved in transactions that the company objects to.

It is probably no secret that Bitcoiners are not fans of regulation. What is generally misunderstood though is that the aversion is not to regulating in general. We understand that in the real world, the big financial powers are never regulated in a practical sense. Consumers, on the other hand, are heavily regulated.
 Read full article »
Prominent Cancer Doctor Pleads Guilty
Source: Submitted: 01/01/2015
--U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade will seek life in prison for what she called “the most egregious” health care fraud case she has ever seen. McQuade said that in addition to insurance fraud, which involved a $35-million Medicare fraud scheme from 2009 until the present, Fata also harmed, and in some cased subsequently killed, his patients with dangerous chemotherapy drugs they did not need. According to government records, Fata’s medical practice included 1,200 patients. The formerly prominent cancer doctor will be sentenced in February before U.S. District Judge Paul Borman. The doctor’s bond was set at $9 million.

“In this case, we had Dr. Fata administering chemotherapy to people who didn’t need it, essentially putting poison into their bodies and telling them that they had cancer when they didn’t have cancer,” the prosecutor told the Detroit Free Press. “The idea that a doctor would lie to a patient just to make money is shocking… Dr. Fata was unique in that he saw patients not as people to heal, but as commodities to exploit.”
 Read full article »
Somebody should have told this guy that it's only OK to do stuff like this when you're working for the government. Case in point:
Pink-Haired Nerd Uses 9/11-Truth Research to beat NASA Engineer (Video)
Source: Submitted: 12/31/2014
On a recent episode of the TBS reality show King of the Nerds, a bubbly, pink-haired video game blogger named Danielle was the unlikely winner of one phase of a science-related competition that pitted her against a NASA engineer and three other contenders. The most intriguing aspect of her upset win was that Danielle used "9/11 conspiracy" websites to outsmart her rivals.  Watch here »
Here is a VIMEO link if YouTube blocks your access to the Video:
James Corbett: The Net is Mightier Than the Sword (Video)
Source: Submitted: 12/28/2014
.  Watch here »
Prosecute Torturers and Their Bosses
Source: Submitted: 12/28/2014
--Mr. Obama has said multiple times that “we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards,” as though the two were incompatible. They are not. The nation cannot move forward in any meaningful way without coming to terms, legally and morally, with the abhorrent acts that were authorized, given a false patina of legality, and committed by American men and women from the highest levels of government on down.

Americans have known about many of these acts for years, but the 524-page executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report erases any lingering doubt about their depravity and illegality: In addition to new revelations of sadistic tactics like “rectal feeding,” scores of detainees were waterboarded, hung by their wrists, confined in coffins, sleep-deprived, threatened with death or brutally beaten. In November 2002, one detainee who was chained to a concrete floor died of “suspected hypothermia.”

These are, simply, crimes. They are prohibited by federal law, which defines torture as the intentional infliction of “severe physical or mental pain or suffering.” They are also banned by the Convention Against Torture, the international treaty that the United States ratified in 1994 and that requires prosecution of any acts of torture.
 Read full article »
Flashback: Arguing with "my" Senator about torture:

<<" Some have expressed concerns about provisions within the defense authorization bill that address how we treat terrorist detainees-those we capture who are members of al Qaeda or associated groups who are seeking to kill Americans and our allies….At issue is the fundamental question about whether the United States is at war with radical Islamists who are seeking to kill Americans and our allies. Some would prefer to treat terrorists as common criminals">>

I’m sorry, but you are wrong. “At issue” is your assumption that a person IS what they're accused of being based on nothing but an accusation.

It amazes me that U.S. representatives don't even possess this basic understanding of the American justice system...You are not authorized to strip an individual of their rights based on an accusation alone. Evidence must be presented and an individual must be permitted to defend his or herself. Prior to this due process a person is merely an ACCUSED criminal. (Thief, rapist, murderer or terrorist…the crime that an individual is accused of does not alter the process by which guilt is determined.) Nobody opposes this law because they want to protect 'terrorists,' they oppose it because they want to protect people who are FALSELY ACCUSED of being terrorists or ‘associated’ with terrorists.

Full exchange available here:
Dick Cheney should be in prison, not on ‘Meet the Press’ - Greenwald (Video)
Source: Submitted: 12/20/2014
Journalist Glenn Greenwald said Dick Cheney is able to brag about the success of torture on weekend news shows because the Obama administration has decided to shield torturers rather than prosecute them.

--In an interview on ‘Meet the Press,’ former Vice President Dick Cheney claimed that torture "worked" and announced he would "do it again in a minute" if given the opportunity.

--In response, Greenwald said that whether torture worked or not is completely irrelevant, and no one should be interested in that because everyone who tortures claims they do it for a good reason even though it has been banned under international treaties and laws. Greenwald said it was former Republican President Ronald Reagan who championed the idea that torture was never justifiable.

Reagan signed the international Convention against Torture in 1988, which became the primary international foundation of anti-torture law. Reagan said at the time the treaty would clearly express the United States’ opposition to torture, “an abhorrent practice unfortunately prevalent in the world today.”
 Watch here »
Source: Glenn Greenwald - Peter Maass Submitted: 12/20/2014
--The Intercept is naming Bikowsky over CIA objections because of her key role in misleading Congress about the agency’s use of torture, and her active participation in the torture program (including playing a direct part in the torture of at least one innocent detainee). Moreover, Bikowsky has already been publicly identified by news organizations as the CIA officer responsible for many of these acts.

--NBC, while withholding her identity, noted that the same unnamed officer “also participated in ‘enhanced interrogations’ of self-professed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, witnessed the waterboarding of terror suspect Abu Zubaydah and ordered the detention of a suspected terrorist who turned out to be unconnected to al Qaeda, according to the report.”

The New Yorker‘s Jane Mayer, writing yesterday about the NBC article, added that the officer “is still in a position of high authority over counterterrorism at the C.I.A.” This officer, Mayer noted, is the same one who “dropped the ball when the C.I.A. was given information that might very well have prevented the 9/11 attacks; she gleefully participated in torture sessions afterward; she misinterpreted intelligence in such a way that it sent the C.I.A. on an absurd chase for Al Qaeda sleeper cells in Montana. And then she falsely told congressional overseers that the torture worked.”
 Read full article »
Organic Regulations Not Being Enforced—Will USDA Remove Program Management?
Source: Submitted: 12/19/2014
--Although Cornucopia was critical of the USDA’s operation of the National Organic Program (NOP) during the Bush administration, it says it finds the current conduct of the Obama administration even more “insidious.” Engelbert, Cornucopia’s board vice president, continued, “The so-called ‘Age of Enforcement’ the organic community was promised, when the new administration took over in 2009, has been anything but with regard to large-scale ‘organic’ operations breaking the law.”

--“The department’s claim that it needs more detailed regulations, specifying minimum amount of space outdoors, before they can enforce the law, is a specious argument,” Cornucopia’s Kastel affirmed. “If it was a question of whether or not these outfits were affording enough outdoor space to their birds, that would be one thing, but these are confinement operations with no, I mean zero, animals outside. They are flagrantly breaking the law!”
 Read full article »
Also from the article:

"The Cornucopia Institute website maintains research-based scorecards rating all organic eggs, dairy products, soy foods, and several other food categories for their adherence to organic ideals, with the stated goal of 'empowering consumers and wholesale buyers in the marketplace — accessing authentic food and rewarding the true heroes in the industry.'"
Horrifying Details Show Doctors' Role In CIA Torture
Source: Submitted: 12/16/2014
--When the torture outlined in the CIA report got so bad that one detainee's vision "began to deteriorate" the doctor present only intervened so that he could be able to see for the purposes of further questioning. "We have a lot riding upon his ability to see," CIA officers wrote, in a cable. (The detainee eventually lost one eye completely.)

The Office of Medical Services, the agency designed to advise the US State Department on health issues and provide healthcare to the US government, decided when detainees' lacerations and broken bones were sufficiently healed so the interrogators could keep torturing them.

--In 2005, after the Health Affairs Assistant Secretary of Defense released new ethical guidelines for healthcare personnel, a group of doctors released a response in the Journal of the American Medical Association titled: "Coercive US Interrogation Policies: A Challenge to Medical Ethics." The doctors wrote:

The new guidelines are troubling...because they do not come to terms with the participation of physicians and other health care professionals in officially authorized interrogation practices that are absolutely prohibited by international human rights law, the Third Geneva Convention, and US military and domestic law that criminalizes torture, including psychological torture.
 Read full article »
And for more information on some of the innocent who were tortured:

"--It's important to understand that almost all of the misery Kurnaz endured at Guantanamo came after he had been cleared of any connection to terrorism. As early as February 2002, German intelligence officials had concluded that there was no "direct" evidence that he was involved in terrorism; a September 2002 memo written by a German intelligence officer confirmed that Kurnaz was among the "considerable number" of Gitmo detainees who were "not part of the terrorist milieu."

Another document dated September 26 of that year reported that "the U.S. sees Murat Kurnaz's innocence as established" and predicted that he would be freed within six to eight weeks." By this time, however, three governments -- those in Washington, Berlin, and Ankara -- had decided that freeing Kurnaz without forcing him to admit to something was simply unacceptable.

As one of Kurnaz's fellow detainees, a man named Nuri, observed: "Do you think they'll simply let us go, after all they've done to us?"

So for nearly four more years, this innocent man was beaten, starved, tortured, subjected to endless persecution in the form of interrogations designed to elicit perjured self-incriminating testimony. On September 30, 2004 -- two years after his innocence had been established -- Kurnaz was brought before a Combatant Status Review Tribunal staffed with officers who had access to the exculpatory 2002 memoranda. That august panel designated Kurnaz an "enemy combatant" on the basis of "evidence" it didn't deign to share with the detainee or his assigned military lawyer, who was utterly inert during the proceedings."
Chris Hedges: The Myth of the Free Press (Video)
Source: Submitted: 12/14/2014
"The Myth is that the press is not fettered, that there are no parameters...that it can say whatever it wants; that it can speak truth to power. In fact, the parameters are extremely narrow. Especially, for instance, on issues of national security.

I worked for 15 years for the New York Times and the unofficial motto of the New York Times is: "We will not significantly alienate those on whom we depend for money (which is advertisers) or access (which are the powerful)."
 Watch here »
Chris covers how both "dollars and access to the powerful" are used to justify the lack of journalistic integrity within the mainstream media. (The media doesn't do its job because it needs to maintain its revenue and connections.) But as Bernstein's article points out (below), the "influence" and relationship between those who are supposed to be doing the reporting, and those who are supposed to be "reported on," is more direct.

One thing that people get hung up on is when the media (run by the Establishment) seems to turn against the Establishment's own policies. I believe this only happens when public sentiment becomes so hostile to CIA / Corporate talking points that the propaganda instrument (the media) MUST reverse course to maintain credibility. In other words: The elite have many instruments that they use to manipulate public opinion. If they must abandon or change a policy to protect the prestige of an "opinion-forming agency," they will.
The CIA and the Media
Source: Submitted: 12/13/2014
--Among the executives who lent their cooperation to [the CIA] were Williarn Paley of [CBS], Henry Luce of [Time] Inc., Arthur Hays Sulzberger of the New York Times, Barry Bingham Sr. of the LouisviIle Courier Journal, and James Copley of the Copley News Service.

Other organizations which cooperated with the CIA include [ABC], [NBC], the Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps Howard, Newsweek magazine, the Mutual Broadcasting System, the Miami Herald and the old Saturday Evening Post and New York Herald Tribune.

By far the most valuable of these associations, according to CIA officials, have been with the New York Times, CBS and Time Inc.

The CIA’s use of the American news media has been much more extensive than Agency officials have acknowledged publicly or in closed sessions with members of Congress. The general outlines of what happened are indisputable; the specifics are harder to come by.

--During the 1976 investigation of the CIA by the Senate Intelligence Committee, chaired by Senator Frank Church, the dimensions of the Agency’s involvement with the press became apparent to several members of the panel, as well as to two or three investigators on the staff. But top officials of the CIA, including former directors William Colby and George Bush, persuaded the committee to restrict its inquiry into the matter and to deliberately misrepresent the actual scope of the activities in its final report.

--The CIA also refused the staffs requests for more information on the use of academics. Bush began to urge members of the committee to curtail its inquiries in both areas and conceal its findings in the final report.

“He kept saying, ‘Don’t fuck these guys in the press and on the campuses,’ pleading that they were the only areas of public life with any credibility left,” reported a Senate source. Colby, Elder and Rogovin also implored individual members of the committee to keep secret what the staff had found. “There were a lot of representations that if this stuff got out some of the biggest names in journalism would get smeared,” said another source. Exposure of the CIA’s relationships with journalists and academics, the Agency feared, would close down two of the few avenues of agent recruitment still open.
 Read full article »
It's a very long article, but it covers quite a bit of information (regarding the CIA and the media) that most people are unaware of.
Larken Rose - Why Speak of Violence? - Porcfest X (Video)
Source: Submitted: 12/11/2014
In a movement whose primary goal is to achieve a world without violence, many people shy away from any discussion of forcible resistance to state aggression. This talk will explain why dodging the topic is a big mistake -- and does a huge disservice to true peace and freedom.  Watch here »
At about 16:30 in, Larken briefly talks about absolute pacifism. My "hypothetical" against the philosophy of never using force has been this:

"I understand that you refuse to protect yourself; that you would 'rather die than harm another human being,' but what if you just brought a newborn baby into the world? And what if a child rapist / murderer, knowing you're an absolute pacifist, saw an opportunity to satisfy their sadistic desires with your infant? Would you do nothing to prevent them from raping and killing your child? Would you just stand there and watch? If so, you should consider the implications: Your philosophy is so at odds with nature, that “nature” itself (using the lowest scum of the earth) would gradually eliminate it from the gene pool.”
Flashback: On Torture
Source: Joe Submitted: 12/10/2014
"--It's important to understand that almost all of the misery Kurnaz endured at Guantanamo came after he had been cleared of any connection to terrorism. As early as February 2002, German intelligence officials had concluded that there was no "direct" evidence that he was involved in terrorism; a September 2002 memo written by a German intelligence officer confirmed that Kurnaz was among the "considerable number" of Gitmo detainees who were "not part of the terrorist milieu."

Another document dated September 26 of that year reported that "the U.S. sees Murat Kurnaz's innocence as established" and predicted that he would be freed within six to eight weeks." By this time, however, three governments -- those in Washington, Berlin, and Ankara -- had decided that freeing Kurnaz without forcing him to admit to something was simply unacceptable.

As one of Kurnaz's fellow detainees, a man named Nuri, observed: "Do you think they'll simply let us go, after all they've done to us?"

So for nearly four more years, this innocent man was beaten, starved, tortured, subjected to endless persecution in the form of interrogations designed to elicit perjured self-incriminating testimony. On September 30, 2004 -- two years after his innocence had been established -- Kurnaz was brought before a Combatant Status Review Tribunal staffed with officers who had access to the exculpatory 2002 memoranda. That august panel designated Kurnaz an "enemy combatant" on the basis of "evidence" it didn't deign to share with the detainee or his assigned military lawyer, who was utterly inert during the proceedings.
 Read full article »
Lawless US Policy Makers used Torture to Gain False Confessions
Source: Submitted: 12/10/2014
--[A] Former senior U.S. intelligence official familiar with the interrogation issue said that Cheney and former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld demanded that the interrogators find evidence of al Qaida-Iraq collaboration…

For most of 2002 and into 2003, Cheney and Rumsfeld, especially, were also demanding proof of the links between al Qaida and Iraq that (former Iraqi exile leader Ahmed) Chalabi and others had told them were there.

--When people kept coming up empty, they were told by Cheney’s and Rumsfeld’s people to push harder,” he continued.”Cheney’s and Rumsfeld’s people were told repeatedly, by CIA . . . and by others, that there wasn’t any reliable intelligence that pointed to operational ties between bin Laden and Saddam . . .

A former U.S. Army psychiatrist, Maj. Charles Burney, told Army investigators in 2006 that interrogators at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detention facility were under “pressure” to produce evidence of ties between al Qaida and Iraq.
 Read full article »
For more information, check out the documentary below. It chronicles how warlords rounded up innocent people and sold them to the United States Military as "terrorists." It chronicles the "harsh interrogation techniques" (torture) that was used to coerce false confessions from the innocent. Most importantly, it chronicles how torture became a matter of policy; proving (with never before seen documents) that authority was handed down from the highest levels of the Federal Government.

Brought to you by the National Security Archive (George Washington University) this film makes a case for "accountability" that cannot be ignored. HIGHLY Recommended:
Enemy of the State, Friend of Liberty
Source: Submitted: 12/07/2014
"--But Rome at the time of the Catilinarian conspiracy was not the Rome of two or three centuries before, when honor, virtue, and character were the watchwords of Roman life. By Cicero’s time, the place was rife with corruption and power lust. The outward appearances of a republic were undermined daily by civil strife and a growing welfare-warfare state. Many who gave lip service in public to republican values were privately conniving to secure power or wealth through political connections. Others were corrupted or bribed into silence by government handouts. The republic was on life support and Cicero’s voice was soon to be drowned out by a rising tide of political intrigue, violence, and popular apathy."  Read full article »
A very well-written article on one of Rome's greatest defenders of liberty.
Federal judge sentences Liberty Dollar creator to probation for 2011 conviction
Source: Submitted: 12/03/2014
A federal judge in North Carolina Dec. 2 sentenced Bernard von NotHaus, creator of the Liberty Dollar private voluntary barter currency, to three years probation for his 2011 conviction on charges the Liberty Dollar violates federal counterfeiting statutes.

--Von NotHaus had faced up to 22 years in federal prison, the maximum penalty sought by federal prosecutors.
 Read full article »
I'm really amazed at the light sentence...I actually sent this Judge a copy of "Dishonest Money" in Von NotHaus' defense. Hope he read it.
9 Lies About Fat That Destroyed The World's Health
Source: Submitted: 12/02/2014
The areas of nutrition and disease prevention are full of incompetence.

We have been wrongly advised to avoid saturated fat and cholesterol, despite no evidence of harm.

Here are the top 9 biggest lies, myths and misconceptions about dietary fat and cholesterol.
 Read full article »
My diet has been "low carb / low sugar" for a very long time, but I finally went "all out" ketogenic in August (High fat, very low carb, moderate protein.)

My primary interest in switching over to a fat-burning metabolism was to see how it affected my mental and physical energy (very happy with both.) Obviously, you don't have to go into ketosis to benefit from adding healthy fats back into your diet. If you're just looking to justify a little more bacon and butter, check out the "9-Lies" article above...
Utah Looks To Shut Down NSA Spying Center
Source: Submitted: 11/29/2014
Utah lawmakers are considering a bill that would severely hinder the National Security Agency’s ability to work at its massive data center in the Beehive State. The legislation directs municipalities like Bluffdale, where the NSA’s building is located, to “refuse support to any federal agency which collects electronic data within this state.” RT’s Lindsay France takes a closer look at the bill and how it would affect the secretive spy agency.  Read full article »
A Thanksgiving Message from Ron Paul (Video)
Source: Ron Paul Submitted: 11/28/2014
.  Watch here »
Attitude & Gratitude (Audio)
Source: Submitted: 11/25/2014
.  Listen here »
I wrote and recorded this back in 2004. The time I've spent researching economic and political corruption since then has made applying these concepts that much more important...gotta remember the weight of these two words!
Flashback: Radiation Experiments on US Citizens (Video)
Source: Submitted: 11/20/2014
73 disabled children were fed oatmeal laced with radioactive isotopes. 829 pregnant women were served "vitamin cocktails" (so they thought) containing radioactive iron. An eighteen-year-old woman believing she was being treated for a pituitary disorder, was injected with plutonium. These are just some of the secret human radiation experiments that the U.S. government conducted on unsuspecting Americans for decades.  Watch here »
Source: Submitted: 11/17/2014
Biotech giant Syngenta may have single-handedly ruined the US corn industry with their GMO corn variety, and now they face a billion-dollar class action suit in three states after China has refused US corn exports repeatedly.

Syngenta released its variety of GMO corn prior to it being approved for sale in China while making US farmers think it was going to be accepted.

--This billion dollar lawsuit comes on the heels of another. Cargill, the Big Ag giant, filed a lawsuit against Syngenta for $90 million this past September for damages against export trade losses due to China’s refusal of more than 1.4 million metric tons of corn when regulators there found traces of GMO Agrisure Viptera (MIR162), designed to create its own insecticide.

Syngenta is also the same company that Anthony Gucciardi reported on which hid animal deaths caused by additional strains of their GMO corn.
 Read full article »
If you're new to the topic of GMO food, there is a short video available at
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